Equine Dental FAQs

Jacksonville Equine is your source for equine dental care and an equestrian center in Jacksonville, FL. An equine veterinarian in Jacksonville can provide comprehensive equine dental exams and can help you identify and treat any health conditions that may be affecting your horse's teeth.


What Is Equine Dental Care?

Equine dental care is the process of examining and treating a horse's teeth. Equine dentists are veterinarians who have special training in equine dentistry. Horses, donkeys, mules, small goats, and sheep all require different types of dental care, so it is important to work with an equine dentist who knows how to properly care for each species.

What Health Conditions Are Checked?

During a horse exam in Jacksonville with an “equine vet near me”, our veterinarian will check for a variety of health conditions including:

  • Tooth decay or infection
  • Gum disease or inflammation
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Misaligned teeth or jaws

What Is Dental Disease in Horses?

Dental disease in horses is a condition that affects the teeth and gums. It can cause tooth decay, gum disease, mouth ulcers, and other health problems. Left untreated, dental disease can lead to serious health complications for your horse, donkey, or sheep. Equine care can help, as well as emergency equine services.

How Can I Help My Horse's Teeth?

There are several things you can do to help keep your horse's teeth healthy:

  • Feed your horse or donkey from the ground
  • Provide your horse with plenty of clean water to drink
  • Check for changes in your equine's behavior
  • Have your equine dentist perform a horse exam in Jacksonville at least once a year

How Can an Equine Vet Near Me Help?

If your horse has any of the health conditions listed above, “horse care near me” may include the following:

  • Dental floating - This is the process of removing excess tooth enamel to help align the teeth.
  • Professional dental cleaning - This involves using special tools to clean the teeth and remove tartar and plaque 
  • Tooth extraction - If a tooth is severely decayed or infected, it may need to be extracted.
  • Filling cavities 

If your donkey, sheep, or horse has a more serious condition that needs immediate treatment, we also offer emergency equine services.

Equine Veterinarian in Jacksonville

Schedule an equine care dental care appointment today with “horse care near me”! Call for a horse exam at Jacksonville Equine in Jacksonville, FL at (904) 387-3330 to book an equine dental exam. We look forward to serving you and your horse at our equestrian center!


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